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"Our five-member firm, Stephen L. Gele, Architects Inc. provides a full range of architectural services to local, state and national clients, and we do it from the ground up," says principal Stephen Gele’. "Full range for us really means full range," he explains: "By the time many people contact an architect, they already have approved site plans which were developed by engineers, and while we work well when we come into projects at that point, we really like to provide the site planning service for clients too. It maximizes the design options, improves site utilization and simplifies the entire process for clients - often saving them money."

With a registered architect and an interior designer, Stephen L. Gele’, Architects offers the expertise needed to manage everything from site planning and engineering to integrated communications systems, interior space planning, landscaping and signage. A versatile group that developed striking amphitheaters, amusement parks, and custom homes, Stephen L. Gele’, Architects has made its biggest mark with office buildings, retail shopping centers and medical and dental offices. The regional offices for Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a fine example of good site usage and successful office building design; attractive and in harmony with its human and physical environment. "We couldn’t be more delighted with the design, the process, or the results," says Enterprise Operations Manager, Phil Russell.